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First steam cook the chicken legs after marinating in light spices like garlic/onion/ginger paste and salt. Remember the marination must be very light.Keep for about 45 minutes . Once the marination is over, fry the chicken legs in oil or steam cook till 3/4th cooked. Now make a semi paste of Green chillies and Capsicum. It would be better if you uses pounded chillies and capsicum. Smear the semi cooked chicken with green chilli/capsicum mixture and leave it for about another 45 minutes in a fridge. This is second garnishing. After 45 minutes, take out the chicken and saute the chicken (Don't fry ) in a kadai with about three spoons of oil. This will ensure real taste of chillies be preserved and capsicum will impart fantastic aroma of chillies. When the chicken is done after six to ten minutes, serve hot. You may make a little gravy of chillies and capsicum and smear the chilli chicken with that gravy. I am sure you would love the taste .Please let me know how this chicken turned out.

ENJOY!!!! And I would love to have your feed back please. 



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