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250 Gms. of chicken breast and boneless meat
Three fairly medium sized onions,
Four tea spoons of Ginger Garlic paste for marinating
One spoon of Paste of Nutmeg and three to four cloves and five cardamoms
Two to three spoons of paste made out of six to seven Cashew nuts or Peanuts and Poppy seeds for the gravy
One spoon of Cinnamon powder
Half a spoon of Turmeric powder
Two spoons of chilli powder (small)
One cube of papaya fruit mashed ( This will make the chicken very soft)
Two tomatoes finely diced
One spoon of Lime Juice
Two spoons of Ghee/Oil
Salt to taste
Two sticks of Cinnamon
Four to five cloves



Make the paste of onions and keep aside Make paste of Ginger and Garlic about four Tea spoons add a little salt Now gently smear the ginger and garlic paste on the pieces of chicken. Now rub the pieces of chicken in the Nutmeg ,clove and cardamom paste Keep it in the fridge for about 45 minutes to one hour. When the marination is over , take the chicken out and let it be at the room temperature for another ten minutes or so. Take a Kadai and put Ghee /oil, Add a piece or two of cinnamon and four cloves for tempering. Take the onion paste and put it in Kadai when the oil is hot. Turn the paste in kadai till the raw smell of onions goes off and oil /ghee starts to separate. Add salt to taste. Take into consideration the need of salt for gravy also Now add diced tomatoes and One cube of papaya and saute till Tomatoes become tender. Now add the Chicken pieces in the kadai, Add two spoons of Chilli powder, half a spoon of Turmeric powder and one cup of water Cover the Kadai with a lid and allow the chicken to cook on a medium flame . From time to time check for water and keep adding small quantities of water. When the cooking is 3/4 th over, add Cashew nuts paste with little water. Mix thoroughly This is to avoid sticking of gravy at the bottom during cooking The chicken will take about fifteen minutes to get cooked. When the chicken if perfectly cooked, add little lime juice to taste. Ganish with silver foil and cream if you want and serve hot. NOTE. In my experience, if you are serving for dinner, it is better to cook the chicken or any spiced dish at least two hours before the dinner or lunch time. This brings out the best of the taste.

ENJOY!!!! And I would love to have your feed back please. 


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